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Education - Fine Arts Teaching

Helpful resources for teaching the fine arts (art, drama and music) or teaching through the arts.





- Students involved in drama performance coursework or experience outscored non-arts students on the 2005 SAT by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component
- Drama activities improve reading comprehension, and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills?
- Drama helps to improve school attendance and reduce high school dropout rates?
- Drama can improve skills and academic performance in children and youth with learning disabilities?"
           from The Effects of Theatre Education (American Alliance for Theatre and Education)

To search for material about teaching drama, use the classic catalogue and search for drama study and teaching. (add either secondary or elementary to be more specific). The subject term college and school drama is also useful. Resources about, and for, teaching drama will be found both at the TFDL (primarily in the PN call number range) and in the Doucette library (call numbers 790-792).

A few example titles are below

                    ...  And don't forget that  Doucette Library has so many great puppets to borrow!

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