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Education - Fine Arts Teaching

Helpful resources for teaching the fine arts (art, drama and music) or teaching through the arts.

Music education

In the video below, music educator Richard Gillis discusses the relationship between music and our imaginations, and argues the importance of kids writing music.

Recommended Series

Below are links to websites of several recommended contemporary elementary music curriculum series.

       Check the library catalogue to see which components of these are available through the Doucette Library.


Teaching Music - Material about teaching music is found in both the Doucette Library and the TFDL. Use the classic catalogue and search the SUBJECT  school music instruction, or do more specific searches for band music instruction  or choral music instruction. In the Doucette music resources are in the 780-788 call number area; in the TFDL music instruction is found in the MT call number.

Musical Instruments - The Doucette LIbrary has a variety of rhythm style instruments, from different parts of the world. Click this link to find them in the catalogue.

Below are examples of some of the books about teaching music in the Doucette Library

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