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Finding books using the library search

Type your keywords into the search box on the home page. You will find both print and e-books using this search.

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How to find a book in the library

Books are grouped by subject. A call number tells you the book's location.

Read the call number in this order. For example, the book Power and Society has the call number JC251 .L3 

a. Find the JC area using this chart

b. Find the range with 251. 
      The label on the side of the shelves might say JC200-JC300.

      The books on these shelves should be on similar topics.

c. On those shelves, look for the 251 section and then L3.
      It should be surrounded by books written by the same author.

We don't own it?

Fill in an interlibrary loan form for print books and journal articles. We'll find it for you.

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