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Finding Books

The search box on the library home page is your key source for finding both print and digital books in the library collection.  You can also directly access the library catalogue.

Note if the book you want is out on loan - you can place a hold and get it back within about a week.

ebrary is a collection of over 30,00 books - while each book is listed in the library catalogue under author/title and subject, if you search within ebrary you will be able to search the full-text.


 To locate ethnographies in the library search  box , add "ethnographic study" to your search.  For example -  "war  AND ethnographic study"

A few examples of  digital sources of ethnographies include:

Background Information

Often it can be helpful to get an overview of your topic and/or definition of terms.  The overview can also help identify key books and articles in your topic area.  Key resources for research on anthropology of war include titles such as:

Encyclopedia of trauma (located in print in the reference collection) contains an entry on Anthropology and War.   

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict

Armed Conflict Database  -  great source for detailed background information and links to documents.

We have some books in our collection such as Anthropology of Violence and Conflict that provide a good overview.   

Finding Articles and Papers

If you go to the find articles link  found in the tabs at the top of the page,  you will find links to sources that are useful for research in anthropology.  For this course you may find that literature of political science,  history,  sociologystrategic studies etc is also helpful. Consult  Search Collections for a listing of databases by subject. 

Here are some key sources for locating academic articles and papers on anthropological perspectives on armed forces:

 Web of Science -  good general guide to scholarly journal literature in all subject areas.  Does not contain fulltext but through SFX links can often quickly retrieve fulltext of the work

American History and Life

PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service) 

Columbia International Affairs Online

Index to Military Periodicals

Google Scholar -  good source to pull resources from a variety of disciplinary areas

Research Centers and Institutes  such as DCAF (Centre for security, development and the rule of law) produce papers on a variety of relevant topics.

Note the main search box on the library home page will also link you to articles on your topic.

What is Summon?

Summon is a search engine that searches the collections of Libraries and Cultural resources for books, journal articles, manuscripts, works in the collection of the Nickle Arts Museum, archival material and locally digitized collections on your topic. 

Note not all the library databases (for example ehraf) are currently searched by Summons.

Primary Sources

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