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Ethnographies at the library

Type in your culture name and ethnograph* in the search box on the library homepage.

Example: blackfoot AND ethnograph* - This search will look for the words blackfoot and ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographic anywhere in the document.

To be more specific, use culture name AND title: ethnograph* to look for variations on ethnography in the title.

If you're using the library catalogue, replace * with $ (ethnograph$)


The list of subjects from the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) can be very helpful in searching eHRAF.  Use the OCM number for example 224 "Hunting and Trapping" to retrieve material exactly on that subject.



Browse or search by culture name or subject in eHRAF World Cultures


What does it have?

Collection documents (ebooks, chapters, articles and culture summaries) that have been thoroughly indexed so you can jump directly to a relevant passage.

Why use it?

It's created by anthropologists. You can study individual cultures, but it'll also allow you to do cross-cultural research.

Can't find the eHRAF document?

eHRAF is the online version of HRAF. eHRAF has the more recent materials, but might be missing some of the older sources. If you'd like to look at the older sources, use this process:

1. Check the complete collection list to see which format it is available in and the coverage dates.  Also available in excel.
2. Request  the microfiche to be delivered to the TFDL  (in storage at the High Density Storage Library)


Contact your librarian.

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