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Background Information

Often it can be helpful to get an overview of your topic and/or definition of terms.  The overview can also help identify key books and articles in your topic area.  Sources of overviews include encylopedias, dictionaries and handbooks.  See also the listing of  Anthropology encyclopedias and dictionaries

Examples of encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks providing background information on Native North Americans include:

Primary Sources/Ethnographies

 To locate primary texts in the library catalogue, add "sources" to your search.  For example -  "Jesuits and sources".  See also government publications section of this guide.

A few examples of  digital sources of primary texts/ethnographies include:

Finding Books, Articles and Papers

While the library search box is a good tool for locating books and journal articles, it is often best to supplement results by using specialized anthropology databases.   Note also the listing of databases for indigenous studies.  Consult Research Databases page for a listing of databases by subject as you may find useful databases in other subject areas such as religious studies and history.

Here are some key sources for locating academic articles and papers on Native North America:


Government Publications

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