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Education - Websites and Technology Tools for Teaching

Alberta Curriculum

The Learning and Technoly framework established by the Alberta government encompasses 5 policy statements.

Student-Centred LearningTechnology is used to support student-centred, personalized, authentic learning for all students.

Research and Innovation :  Teachers, administrators and other education professionals read, review, participate in, share and apply research and evidence-based practices to sustain and advance innovation in education.

Professional LearningTeachers, administrators and other education professionals develop, maintain and apply the knowledge, skills and attributes that enable them to use technology effectively, efficiently and innovatively in support of learning and teaching.

Leadership : Education leaders establish policy and governance structures, cultivate innovation and build capacity within the system to leverage technology in support of student-centred learning and system efficiencies.

Access, Infrastructure and Digital Learning Environments : All students, teachers, administrators and other education professionals have access to appropriate devices, reliable infrastructure, high-speed networks and digital learning environments.

Looking Ahead

Presented annually, the 2015 NMC Horizon Report is part of the NMC Horizon Project, a comprehensive research project that started in 2002. Annually, the report  identifies and describes key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies that are likely to have a large impact over the coming five years in education around the globe.

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Blended Learning

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