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Digital Citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to technology use. (Mike Ribble)

Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship

  1.  Digital Access
  2.  Digital Commerce
  3.  Digital Communication
  4.  Digital Literacy
  5.  Digital Etiquette
  6.  Digital Law
  7.  Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  8.  Digital health and Wellness
  9.  Digital Security (Self Protection)

From Mike Ribble's website

Web Resources

Digital Citizenship

Respect, Educate, Protect

Respect your self, Respect others (Etiquette, Access, Law)

Educate your self, Connect with others (Communication, Literacy, Commerce)

Protect your self, Protect others (Rights and Responsibility, Safety and Security, Health and Welfare

Use, Understand & Create: A Digital Literacy Framework for Canadian Schools (K-8)

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