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Social Media - Ready or Not

The internet is just a world passing around notes in the classroomJon Stewart

Social Media use in the classroom is taking hold in many schools but is also a very controversial subject.  Is there value in using Social Media within a classroom?  Are students "wasting time" on Social Media? Is it safe? Who is accountable if something goes wrong?  What if Social Media goes "right" in your classroom.  There are so many questions, opinions and examples but what about your classroom?

Perhaps try a blog with your students. Find an app that creates a secure environment for your students to experiment with blogging or tweeting or Instagram-ing.  Before you get your student's feet wet in the open environment on the Internet know that there are other options.  Begin an on-going conversation about each person's digital footprint.  How does a student become a responsible Digital Citizen?  Ask questions, listen to answers, teach responsibility.

Social Media in the classroom is not going away.  In fact, day in and day out, more and more content is collected on social media.  Try it out.  Ask for help.  Step in slowly.  Your students will become engaged, responsible users of Social Media.

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