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Let's Teach Kids to Code

Is Coding the New Literacy?

Articles in various journals will have you believe that having students code is a number one priority in your classroom.  I think having an awareness of the various tools available to engage students in coding tasks is very valuable.  The Edutopia article, Programming Is the New Literacy, written in 2008, gives a comprehensive analysis of where educators were at the time and predictions about how coding fit into education.  Keep in mind, the article was written in 2008 and eight years later, we are only beginning to address the reality of including coding as part of a 21st century education.  Digital natives, in every classroom, will vary in their interests but all educators should be aware of those students who naturally pursue the "how things work" method of learning.  Being able to present a variety of tools that engage students of all ages in how coding works and how you can be creative in a coding language is the reality of the modern day classroom.

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