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Greek and Roman Studies

Background Information for Ancient Greek and Roman Literature

Brill's New Pauly - excellent lengthy articles - see for example article for Apuleius .   Alternate link from campus

Cambridge History of Classical Literature   -  v.1 Greek  v.2 Latin

Ancient Writers Greece and Rome (2 vols) - Location

Companion to the Ancient Novel

Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome  -  Location

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae  -    covers  the Latin texts from the classical period to the 7th century A.D.

See also Background Sources for Ancient Greece and Rome


NOTE:  Credo Reference can be used to locate online encyclopedias and dictionaries covering your topic

Locating Works of Classical Authors

To locate Greek and Latin texts or English translations consult the guide to primary texts

Find Books On Greek and Roman Literature

Use the Library Search Box to locate books on ancient Greek and Roman literature.

Other useful sources for locating book material include:

Find Articles on Ancient Greek and Roman Literature

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