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LAW Indigenous Peoples & the Law

This guide is intended to help researchers locate cases, legislation, commentary and databases on Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

Subject Heading Suggestions

As with any topic, there is a need to be mindful of terminology. Subject headings you may wish to search by subject in the library catalogue and databases include:

  • Aboriginal
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Native
  • Native Peoples
  • Indian
  • First Nations
  • Métis
  • Inuit
  • Innu
  • Indians of North America
  • Indians of South America
  • Eskimo
  • names of individual nations or tribes

Most books on Indigenous Peoples and the Law, otherwise known as Aboriginal Law, will be located in the Bennett Jones Law Library but other books on issues related to Indigenous peoples can be found throughout Libraries and Cultural Resources at the University of Calgary.


Legal Encyclopedias

Enclopedias are often a good starting point for your legal research, particularly when you're new to a topic, providing a brief introduction to the law, and giving references to leading cases and legislation. There are two Canadian legal encyclopedias:

Find Books

Books are a good starting point for legal research. Textbooks can provide an overview of the law and references to leading cases, legislation, treaties and journal articles. The best place to find books and journals in our collection is the library catalogue. It will locate and link to electronic books as well as provide locations for books located on the library shelves. If you have an specific title or author, select Browse or Exact and the specific field (author, title or journal title) in the library catalogue.  For more advanced searching of the library catalogue, go to the library catalogue from any library webpage and select "Advanced Search" from beneath the search box. Note the call number and location (e.g., Law-1st Floor) of each book.

Selected Print Titles in the Bennett Jones Law Library

Selected Electronic Books

Collections of Electronic Books and Policy Documents

Find Articles

Journal articles provide in-depth information on narrow legal topics and, often, more current information than books provide. Legal databases (e.g., WestlawNext Canada, HeinOnline and LegalTrac) contain the full text of thousands of articles. Electronic indexes are available for legal periodicals that provide citation information to locate the articles in a journal. They may not contain the full text.

For links to further resources for finding articles, visit the research guide Finding Law Journal Articles. It is intended to help students and researchers in law by leading to information sources that will assist in finding articles.

There are also general full text sources (e.g., Summon, Google Scholar) that may provide legal articles.

Some sources may be restricted to University of Calgary users or to Faculty of Law users.

Selected Journals

Legal Blogs

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