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Education - Social studies resources (Secondary)

A guide to materials in the library and on the internet that would be useful to Alberta Social Studies teachers in Junior and Senior High Schools

Nature of historical thinking

Guideposts to Historical Thinking
  • Historical significance: How do we decide what is important to learn aobut the past?
  • Evidence: How do we know what we know about the past?
  • Continuity and change: How can we make sense of the complex flows of history?
  • Cause and consequence: Why do events happen, and what are their impacts?
  • Historical perspective: How can we better understand the people of the past?
  • The ethical dimension: How can history help us to live in the present?

from: The Big Six: Historical Thinking Concepts by Peter Seixaspp.10-11 



Historical Thinking Project: Promoting Critical Historical Literacy for the 21st Century - Although the funding has ceased for this project, directed by Professor Peter Seixas, this website continues to provide resources to help teachers teach historical thinking in their classrooms. Their Historical Thinking Concept Templates could be very useful classroom tools


Videos showing teaching with historical thinking concepts

Useful articles

Why use primary sources

"Students who learn to use primary documents effectively learn how to 'do' history like historians, interpreting evidence to piece together a narrative of historical explanation and to make richer sense of the everyday world around them." p. 295.

"As students encounter primary documents, they gain an opportunity to open up to inquiry the ways that knowledge is constructed from evidence.  they are learning to think like historians.  The point isn not, however, to change every student into an amatueur historian but to give students the tools to think critically and creatively about human societies, including our own." p.305.

 -- from: The Anthology of Social Studies, vol 2  by Roland Case & Penney Clark. See chapter 27 - Using Primary Documents in Social Studies and History (Call Number: 300.712 PR 2006)


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