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Education - Social studies resources (Secondary)

A guide to materials in the library and on the internet that would be useful to Alberta Social Studies teachers in Junior and Senior High Schools

Supporting resources

Lesson examples: Classroom Examples : Middle School : Humanities - Classroom Examples : High School : Humanities -

Working alongside Galileo professional developers, teachers have created a number of inquiry-based studies. When designing and developing these studies, teachers work collaboratively through the io design process with their mentor and colleagues. As teachers design tasks for and with their students, teachers are asked to consider how what they are creating is:

  • situated in a larger context of a discipline and body of knowledge
  • allowing the students to see themselves as designers
  • allowing the students to engage in work that is personally important and meaningful

Lessons from Canadian Virtual Museums - Lessons developed by Canadian teachers or museums, based on primary resources.

Resources for teaching Canadian history

General outcome 7.1: Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the distinct roles of, and the relationships among, the Aboriginal, French and British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation.

Classroom Examples

What is the Most Significant Event in Early Canadian History - A description of this student investigation at Calgary's Connect Charter School. The description continues here. See also a YouTube video description of this project.

Remixing Historical Perspectives - A grade seven Humanities project at Calgary's Connect Charter School had the students  re-write a ‘picture book’ on colonialization (The Rabbits by John Marsden) from an alternate perspective.

Doucette Resources - nonfiction and fiction

General outcome 7.2: Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the political, demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since Confederation have presented challenges and opportunities for individuals and communities.

Lesson examples:

A Virtual Stroll through Small-Town Canada - While this historical thinking project is about a town in New Brunswick, the idea could be used for any community in the country.  Resources for Calgary include the online historic photographs and maps available from the Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library collection of the Calgary Public Library.

Using the Letters and Images Project in the Classroom: The video below shows teachers talking about their classroom use of the online resources available in Canadian Letters and Images Project, a rich archive of Canadian experiences of war.


Relevant resources (Doucette titles are a mixture of nonfiction and fiction)

Colour Code podcasts - A series podcasts about racism in Canada, produced in 2016 by the Globe and Mail.

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