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Education - Social studies resources (Secondary)

A guide to materials in the library and on the internet that would be useful to Alberta Social Studies teachers in Junior and Senior High Schools


" studies can, in fact, reside at the heart of any integrative curriculum.  Social studies naturally spurs analysis and interpretation; it fosters opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, and global responsibility -- theoretical and conceptual pillars found across discipline areas. Social studies is, then, " the central organizing framework around which all other disciplines revolve" (p.122).  The holistic nature of social studies -- the sweeping and complimentary relationship it shares with other disciplines-- naturally creates more explicity and varied opportunities for students to engage in and with the content at hand.'      -- from: Integrative Strategies for the K-12 Social Studies Classroom (2013), pp.9-10.

"...the prime reasons for using novels in the teaching of history are to help students personalized events, to develop historical empathy -- a strong sense of what it actually might have been like to have those experiences -- in a way that textbooks cannot." --from: The Anthology of Social Studies (2008), p.323.

"Role-playing simulations attempt to put the student in the position of a person in a particular time and place. Most of the simulations involve group problem solving and conflict resolution..." p. vi

"What do students have to say about these simulations? Invariably students rate these activities among their favorite activities of the year. Returning students have stated that they are the things they best remember about the class years later.  Under motivated students will often flourish in these activities because they have found a place were their abilities can shine.  Gifted students enjoy the challenge of adding as much realism and detail to the activity as possible and often enjoy taking a leadership role in the bargaining." p.vii    --from: Short role-playing simulations for world history classrooms (2009).

Search Simulation games in education, limit to Doucette Library on the left hand column to find simulations in the Doucette Library.

Stoddard, J. D. (2012). Film as a thoughtful media for teaching history. Learning, media and technology, 37 (3), 271-288.

Lévesque, S., Ng-A-Fook, N., & Corrigan, J. (2014). What does the eye see? Reading online primary source photographs in history. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 14(2), 



"Social studies concepts and practices will make much more sense when you bring in the actual objects or models representative of the objects that you are describing.  These objects and models are called realia and are vital to effective social studies."  -- from: Secrets to success for social studies teachers (2008), p. 155.

Search 'realia,' along with your topic, and limit your search to the Doucette Library in the catalogue.

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