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Biomedical Engineering

Journals and Databases


Databases are tools for finding journal articles, conference papers and other literature. A database will focus on a specific subject area - for example, PubMed specializes in biomedical literature, Engineering Village focuses on all engineering disciplines, and IEEE Xplore focuses on electric and computer engineering.

Best Databases for Biomedical Engineering

This are listed in order of relevance to biomedical engineering. You may also want to check out of full list of Engineering databases.

Google is probably the most effective way to find health technology assessments. Search "health technology assessment" (in quotes) and your topic. Example: "health technology assessment" robotic surgery.

Tips for database searching

  • Identify keywords, synonyms and search terms related to your topic. You'll need to type each concept into a separate box, or else separate them with "and" so the database knows to look for articles that contain ALL of those terms.
    • e.g. Drug delivery and nanoparticles and cancer

    • e.g. EEG and signal processing and software

  • Most databases allow you to use * as a "wildcard" symbol to identify alternate word endings - for example imag* will search for image, images, imaging. 
  • Each database will have different options for limiting your search - for example, to human or animal populations, to English language, or to particular publication years. Databases will also allow you to narrow down where you search for your keywords - for example, you can limit your search to the title of the article if you find you are getting too many irrelevant results.
  • Look at your results to see if the records contain subject headings - you can sometimes click these to find more articles on the same topic. In PubMed, if you click into a record, you can select "MeSH terms" below the abstract to view which terms have been assigned to the article.



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