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Biomedical Engineering

IEEE Style - Additional Examples

Unpublished Material

A course handout: If the author of the handout is identified, list them at the beginning with the name format J.P. Lastname. If no author is identified, begin with the title. If it's up on D2L, include the link.

"ENGG200 - Bridge to Safety: Project 1 Outline."  Calgary, AB: Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, 2015. Available: [Accessed Oct. 19, 2015].

A lecture:

D. Onen, 'ENGG200 - Lecture on Something Really Interesting', Calgary, AB: University of Calgary, Schulich School of Engineering, 2015.

An e-mail: 

J. Smith, 'Design specifications for hockey pucks' [e-mail personal communication], Oct. 19, 2015.


Web Sites and other Internet Sources

An online video:

S. Egstrom, 'Pintograph', YouTube, 2013. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: Oct. 19, 2015].

A patent from Google Patents. Note that if several dates are listed, you should use the publication date (this corresponds to the Issued Date recommended by IEEE). Add on the Google Patents link and the date accessed. To get the Google patents link, it's just

M. Coleman, S. Berdugo, and A. J. Small, “Aerodynamically augmented hockey puck,” U.S. Patent 7276001 B2. Oct 2, 2007. Available: [Accessed: Oct. 19, 2015].



A Software Program - include the name of the program, version number, and publisher information.

GeoSCOUT version 7.20. Calgary, AB: geoLOGIC systems ltd, 2015.

A software App: Include the name of the program, version (if available), and developer, along with [mobile application software] and the link to the application purchase site. Information on the publisher and version can usually be found in the app store entry.

Idle Oil Tycoon version 1.13a. Coppell, TX: Moldy Games, 2014. Available:

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