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Manage Your Research Identity and Track Your Impact

This guide describes how to build a researcher identity online through the use of unique IDs and social media profiles. It also describes online tools for tracking the impact of your research.


Other Options:

Many platforms offer download and pageview statistics for the articles and other research outputs that they host. These metrics are for your research's use on that platform only. These platforms include:

  • Journal websites
  • Institutional repositories (PRISM at the University of Calgary)
  • Subject repositories
  • ResearchGate

An Altmetrics Case study

On May 20, 2013, York University science librarian John Dupuis published a blog post titled The Canadian War on Science, in which he documented various cuts to science funding by the federal Conservative government, and the government's various policies restricting public and media access to federal scientists and scientific information. The post got a lot of coverage in mainstream and social media, but not in a way that's well measured by traditional impact metrics. Dupuis set out to document the influence of his post.

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