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Research Data Management

General information on research data management at the University of Calgary


Data Management Plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that sets out how you will organize, store, and share your research data throughout the lifetime of a research project. It is a living document that can be modified to accommodate changes over the course of your research and does not generally contain or expose data.

A well-prepared DMP will:

  • define the steps you need to manage your data
  • strengthen your research ethics application
  • ensure you follow funder and journal requirements
  • clarify what you need for longer-term data management
  • give your data a longer lifespan and strengthen your research process

There are a variety of tools to assist in creating DMPs.  

DMP Assistant has been created specifically for Canadian scholars and aims to meet any and all Tri-Agency requirements.  Other tools (found in the Guides & Examples tab) are recommended for US and UK grants.


DMP Assistant

DMP Assistant ( is an all-purpose tool for preparing data management plans (DMPs). This web tool guides scholars through best practices in data stewardship and management planning.

  • The tool walks scholars step-by-step through key questions about data management.
  • Guidance and examples are provided.
  • Not all questions will apply to all research projects. Scholars only need answer the questions relevant to their work.
  • Scholars should revisit the tool throughout their research to review or complete their responses.
  • The data management plan produced by DMP Assistant can be exported in a variety of formats (pdf, Word, xml, html, and more) for inclusion in grants or reports.

DMP Assistant is created and run by Portage. Portage is an organization, created by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), that brings together existing library-based initiatives in the area of research data management in order to better coordinate activities and build capacity.

DMP Guides & Examples

Step-by-step Guides

There exist several step-by-step tools that can guide you through the creation of a data management plan. We recommend the following such tools:

DMP Assistant is bilingual (English/French) tool designed for Canadian funders such as the Tri-Agencies and CFI.

DMP Tool creates plans for US funding agencies such as NIH, NSF, NOAA, IMLS, and NEH.

DMPOnline has been created by the UK's Digital Curation Centre with support for UK & European funders such as Cancer Research UK, the European Commission as well as the American NSF.  The Digital Curation Centre also provides a data management plan checklist.

Example DMPs

DMP Tool provides a wide variety of DMP examples.

Digital Curation Centre's DMP examples.

DataONE has several example DMPs for NSF grants.

ICPSR provides a sample DMP as well as links to a wide variety of examples.

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