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Literature Reviews: A Resource Guide

This guide offers information on what a literature review is, how to go about conducting one, and links to library resources that will help you with the process.

Beyond Google Scholar

To do a thorough search for literature related to your topic, Google Scholar isn't enough. You'll need to search subject specific journal databases. You might also benefit from the expertise and assistance of your subject specialist librarian.

Staying Current

You'll want to stay abreast of relevant new publications about your topic as you do your research and write your thesis or dissertation. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

Save your searches

Set up a personal (free) account in a database and then save your search.  You can then periodically repeat the search, without having to re-formulate your search strategy.

Set up Alerts

Set up 'alerts'  that will automatically notify you when new material of interest is published. You can choose to receive your alerts via e-mail or RSS feed.  Choose the method that integrates best into your workflow.

Depending on the database, the following types of alerts are possible:

  • Search alerts automatically run a previous search and inform you if new titles have been discovered
  • Table of Contents alerts notify you when a new issue of a particular journal is added
  • Citation/author alerts  tell you when a particular work has been cited by someone else




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