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Literature Reviews: A Resource Guide

This guide offers information on what a literature review is, how to go about conducting one, and links to library resources that will help you with the process.

Managing your research and references

You may have used tools such as Zotero, Papers or Mendeley to help you write papers and format your references in a style such as APA or Chicago. Most of these tools can do much more than that, however. They can also help keep all your literature by creating a database where you can sort articles into folders related to your project, assign keyword tags, and attach and even highlight the PDFs.

Mendeley, Zotero or Papers are all options you may want to look at. If you are willing to pay $140, EndNote is also an excellent product, and can be configured to find U of C fulltext and automatically attach it to your EndNote record. The Library officially supports Mendeley and EndNote, and provides regular workshops on how to use these. For more information on these products, check out the Health Sciences Library's Citation Management Tools guide, below.

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