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What is HathiTrust

HathiTrust is a collaborative project of  more than 90 research institutions and libraries  to create, store and provide access to digital copies of scholarly material in order to ensure future access to these resources.  

The HathiTrust collection consists of material digitized by Google, the Internet Archive, various libraries and other projects.  It is a great resource for historic material, containing works dating back to the 1200s.  While the primary community served by HathiTrust are the faculty, staff and students at the member institutions, where possible material is made available to the broader public.  A further goal of HathiTrust is to provide services to support the use of the corpus of material as a research tool.  Note particular fields such as literature, history and Greek and Roman Studies contain a far greater percentage of fulltext works.  


Latin Psalter,  1375 - digitized from the Rare Book and Manuscript Collection, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library

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