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Education - Design Thinking


Today we aim to:

  • give you a better understanding of the design thinking process

  • to provide an opportunity for students to work through three components of the design thinking process
    - Empathy, Defining and Ideating -- using a task based on a story

  • use this workshop as a prototype for students to assess and provide feedback

  • learn the vocabulary associated with design thinking

Design Task - Elementary


  • Three Little Pigs have built houses to protect themselves from a Big Bad Wolf.  Look at the issues that plague the Pigs.  Can you design a solution in light of the current situation that may give the pigs some peace of mind?



  • Big Bad Wolf is awake, hungry and looking for a meal.  The Three Little Pigs have built houses to live in nearby.  Can you design a solution that would satisfy the needs of the Wolf?



Design Task - Secondary

Using the picture book, Home and Away by James Marsden  as a graphic illustration of the refugee and immigrant experience, students explore various outcomes that would facilitate an immigrant in settling in their new country. A summary of Home and Away gives students a fictional account of what a family in war experiences as refugees from their homeland.  We encourage students to focus on one of the following concerns:  food, accommodation, community or employment.

Questions for Feedback and Testing

Please consider the following questions that will provide Paula and Tammy pertinent information about this workshop (prototype):

  • Have we achieved our objectives? Eg. Do you feel you have a better understanding of the design thinking process?
  • Is there one particular element you feel was particularly strong?  Particularly weak?
  • Did you feel there was enough time or too little time given for the given task?

Anything else you'd like us to know regarding this workshop?