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STAS325 - Technology within contemporary society (SP 2016 L02/B02)

Why books & book chapters?

Books can be quite general, yet comprehensive. Therefore, they can present a good overview of a subject.

If only one chapter of a book is relevant to your project, then use only it. Often book chapters are written by someone different from the author or editor of the whole book. This person will be more of an expert on the topic than the book author/editor.

Academic books provide useful references that can be incorporated into your research project. Follow up on them by searching for either the book title or article title in the search box on the library homepage.

Finding books & book chapters with the "Big Search Box" (on the Library home page)

The "Big Search Box" ( is used to find books (as well as journals, government publications, and other media resources) that are available within the University of Calgary Library system.


Search Strategies

  • Limit the search to 2-4 keywords. Think of different words to express your topic and try them if the results aren't as expected, e.g. self-driving cars / autonomous vehicle
  • Avoid "natural language" searching (so not: what are the pros and cons of wearable technology?)
  • Unless you are searching for a specific book, keep your keywords relatively general, e.g. wearable technology legal, human cloning ethics, etc.
  • Scan results to find new keywords and re-do the search with them if they are more relevant



Books: focus on the middle column of results, and click Book / eBooks at the bottom of the column. This takes you to our Summon database with other results.

Book chapters: focus on the left column of results, and click More results for other results. This takes you to our Summon database with other results - limit the results to book chapters at this point.

For physical books, (and book chapters located within physical books) you will need copy down the call number and its corresponding location code.  

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