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STAS325 - Technology within contemporary society (SP 2016 L02/B02)

Suggested starting points

If you've picked a topic, but don't know a thing about it, you'll need to educate yourself before reading academic research on it!

Start with your textbook and lecture notes. If the text or your instructor have suggested other readings, look at those.

After that, look for general news articles related to your topic on the web, to see what issues are being highlighted. If you want to search for only newspapers (and not websites, blogs,etc.), try these databases:

The encyclopedias listed below will also provide overviews, and more references.


How to Read a Citation

Does the citation you are looking at represent a book, or an article? See VirginiaTech's page, Read a Citation

Once you have determined the type of source, search on the Library's homepage:

  • Book: by book title
  • Book chapter: try book title first, then book chapter as a last resort
  • Article: by article (not journal) title
  • Newspaper article: by article (not newspaper) title

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