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Indigenous Topics

External Library Guides For Indigenous Linguistics

When seeking information on Indigenous Languages across Canada, visit other academic institutions for research guides. For example, a comparison of Alberta and British Columbia Indigenous languages would require resources from both areas. 

The following are a few examples of excellent research guides from UBC and U of T

UBC Aboriginal Languages

This research guide provides strategies for finding information about Indigenous languages 

  • specific Western Coast languages, including word lists
  • curriculum materials
  • language learning materials produced by Aboriginal communities
  • language revitalization

UBC Languages of BC First Nations

This research guide has been designed to help students, faculty and researchers in First Nation Languages access and utilize relevant resources available through the UBC Library. Some historical language names are innacurate, but useful for locating resources. The spelling of language names used in this guide are not intended to describe or characterize the native speakers in any regard and are used here solely to help researchers locate resources for the study of these languages.

U of T Indigenous Languages

Our goal is to promote the use of Indigenous language resources in the Toronto area and make them easier to find. This guide is gradually being developed over time. It begins with languages that are taught at the University of Toronto, and those traditionally spoken by First Nations with traditional territories falling within the boundaries of Ontario. Resources on Aboriginal language history, policy and revitalization will be included.

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