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Learn the Library Session D: Hunting for information - Search like a pro!

Sharpening your search skills by exploring your research needs. Searching as an iterative and nonlinear process.

Sample Questions

1) Assigned position paper: LEED certification for building projects is not without controversy

Required: 3 research articles, and unlimited additional supporting evidence. 1000 words.

2) Research paper: Oscar Wilde and the aesthetic culture

Required: At least 7 library sources. 3500 words.

3) Lab Report: Describe the properties of emerald gemstones

Required: 2 scholarly sources to a max of 4 sources used (do not use Wikipedia as a source). 1 page maximum.

4) Oral presentation: Medical intervention approaches for homeless immigrant mothers in urban Canadian cities

Required: Presentation must be evidence informed, with the student forming their own ideas of solutions. 15 minutes with 5 minutes Q&A.

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