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Digital Collection Projects

This guide is designed to assist students with completing digital collection class projects.

What is a digital exhibit?

Omeka is a content management system for online digital collections. We are using Omeka to build digital exhibits for your class projects.  

Omeka is structured out of three different types of "building blocks":

  • Items: The individual building blocks of a collection. Sortable by type of item and tags. 

  • Collections: Groups of items. The public can dig through collection to find items. 

  • Exhibits: Exhibits contain interpretative text and rely on items as their building blocks.  They usually highlight aspects of a collection based on some common theme.


building blocks of an Omeka site

The remainder of this guide will walk you through three steps:

  1. Logging in to Omeka
  2. Adding items to Omeka
  3. Building an exhibit in Omeka

1. Log in to Omeka

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