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Digital Collection Projects

This guide is designed to assist students with completing digital collection class projects.

What is a digital exhibit?

Omeka is a content management system for online digital collections. We are using Omeka to build digital exhibits for your class projects.  

Omeka is structured out of three different types of "building blocks":

  • Items: The individual building blocks of a collection. Sortable by type of item and tags. 

  • Collections: Groups of items. The public can dig through collection to find items. 

  • Exhibits: Exhibits contain interpretative text and rely on items as their building blocks.  They usually highlight aspects of a collection based on some common theme. (For the Flywheel series, we are not creating exhibits).


building blocks of an Omeka site

The remainder of this guide will walk you through three steps:

  1. Logging in to Omeka
  2. Adding items to Omeka

1. Log in to Omeka

Log in to the University of Calgary Class Projects for Omeka site:

2. Add an item in Omeka

  • Go to Items in the left sidebar menu

  • Select Add an Item
  • Add metadata to the Item Type Metadata screen.  You will be selecting Item Type>Text or Type>Still image, depending on your image.  For assistance in how to enter metadata, take a look at the class template (handed out in class and available below).
    Image showing how to assign item type metadata in Omeka

  • Go to the Files tab

  • Choose file and open.  
  • Repeat until you have added all files pertaining to that item. 
  • When done adding your metadata and uploading your images, select “Transatlantic Moonstone 2019” in the right sidebar and Add Item.













Repeat the steps above until all items are added for your exhibit. 

3. Add an exhibit

Go to Exhibits in the left sidebar menu: 

Select Add an Exhibit:

Add Exhibit Metadata: 

  • Title: Enter the name of your exhibit, which will be displayed to users, e.g. The Studhorse Man, Chapter 1.
  • Slug: the abbreviated exhibit name which appears in the url, e.g. studhorsemanchapter1
  • Credits: Enter your name,in the format Last, First 
  • Description: An introduction or overview for the exhibit to provide the viewer with information about the contents of the exhibit. 
  • Tags: keywords or themes that give users another option for finding exhibits. You can leave this blank. 
  • Theme: Leave as Current Public Theme. 
  • Use Summary Page?: Leave this item selected. 

Once you have entered the data, click Save Changes (top right) to create your exhibit. 

At the bottom of the screen, under Pages, select Add Page. 

In the Add Page screen: 

  • Page Title: Enter “Browse Images” 

  • Page Slug: Enter your exhibit slug/images, e.g. studhorsemanchapter1/images 

  • Content:  

    1. Select Gallery 

    2. Add new content block 

    3. Add Item  

    4. Select an item that you uploaded. 

    5. Add a caption to your item. 

    6. Apply. 

  • Repeat 1-5 until all items for you exhibit are added to your gallery. 

  • Save Changes. 

  • Edit your Exhibit, select Public in the right sidebar and select Save Changes in order to make your exhibit viewable through the public website. 

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