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UNIV 201 - Global Challenges Inquiry 1

Exercise: Find an article for Mon Jan 16


Politics, culture and food security for the Maasai people of Tanzania


Find an article that you can share with the class to further your conversation on the global challenge of feeding 9 billion people

Possible Angles to Consider and Search

What is the political climate of Tanzania and how does it impact the Massai people?

What languages, customs, traditions, diet and cultural aspects are unique to the Maasai?

Are there threats, opportunities, or influences (internal or external) on or to the current way of life of the Maasai people?

What is the status of trade and food (in)security in Tanzania? What about food (in)security for the Maasai?

Finding Scholarly Books and Articles

The Library Search Box is the best place to start.  It will retrieve both books and articles in the library's collection.

The Library of the African Studies Centre provides  bibliographic information for material from its collection of over 180,000 journal aritcles and books about Africa.  See their Connecting Africa Database  -  for links to fulltext material

Specialized Research Databases will help locate more information:

The best Databases for research on Maasai and culture, politics and food security:

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