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UNIV 201 - Global Challenges Inquiry 1

Exercise: Find an article for January 24


Technology and agriculture


Find an article that you can share with the class to further your conversation on the global challenge of feeding 9 billion people

Possible Angles to Consider and Search

1) What are some profitable ways that farmers can expand production capacity?

2) What are the implications (positive and negative) of irrigation expansion?

3) What is feed efficiency and what is the relationship between feed intake and heritable traits, farmer/rancher profits, animal behaviour and animal health? How is this studied and measured?

4) How can hybrid crops increase production, sustainability and profit? What are the opportunities and challenges?

5) What are the various methods of pest and weed control? 

6) What are livestock biometrics and how are they collected? 

7) What is vertical farming?

Finding Scholarly Articles

While the Library Search box is a great source to begin your search for books and articles, it is also very helpful to use databases to locate scholarly journal articles on your topic:

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