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Transatlantic Literature

This guide contains information on how to research transatlantic literature during the long 18th Century.

How to find literary criticism

Browse the catalogue by subject

Some catalogue subject headings that may be useful:

  • Comparative literature -- English and American
  • Comparative literature - American and English
  • Traveler's Writings, American - History and Criticism

Find literary criticism using a subject search (library catalogue)

Most major authors will be catalogued with a subject heading ending with the term "criticism and interpretation."  You can use this subject heading to find literary criticism (in books) about a particular author.

  1. Perform a subject search in the catalogue on the author's last name (last, first).
  2. Click on the subject heading that ends in "criticism and interpretation"

Example: "Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 Criticism and interpretation."

Find literary criticism using a keyword search (Summon)

You can perform a keyword search for a specific author and elements of their work that you're interested in.  By searching Summon, you will find all types of materials, including articles, books, chapters, and more.

Example: "Daniel Defoe" AND masculinity


Key databases for literary criticism

A selection of books on transatlantic issues

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