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Transatlantic Literature

This guide contains information on how to research transatlantic literature during the long 18th Century.


...of primary sources:

  • diaries and journals
  • letters and memos
  • speeches
  • autobiographies and memoirs
  • organization records
  • government records
  • audio and video recordings
  • oral histories (any format)
  • photographs and slides
  • artifacts (e.g. painting, furniture)
  • research data

To help demystify the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sources,
watch this 2:24  minute video from Suffolk County Community College.

Primary Sources in electronic format

For help in finding additional history primary sources that may be of use to English research, click here.

Primary Sources at the University of Calgary

You may be able to find interesting examples of primary sources right here at the University of Calgary.  For example, we have the 1769 edition of The History of Emily Montague

Information about how to find, request, and use items from the Archives and Special Collections is available here.

To restrict your search to items from our archives and special collections, select it as a library location in a catalogue search, as in the image below.

image showing how to restric search to TFDL - special collections and archives




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