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This guide provides selected resources available to you through UCalgary Library and the Internet

Southern Alberta Music Performance Library


The University of Calgary's Southern Alberta Music Performance Library collection is located on the third floor of the Taylor Family Digital Library. SAMPL includes over 4,000 choral, jazz and wind ensemble, and orchestral music works to provide a supportive environment for sharing music scores and parts between music ensembles in Calgary and its region. For questions about SAMPL, to get a card, request music or pick up or return music, please contact Sylvia Polachuk, or 403 220-3610, TFDL160

How to find SAMPL Scores at UCalgary Library

On the library homepage click on Advanced Search Type in your Search, for example: West Side Story, add SAMPL in the second field and select Music Score under Content Type The results show location and call number (always at TFDL, 1st Floor)

Browse the Shelves

To browse for SAMPL scores on the shelves, use the call number M (TFDL, 1st Floor). For example:

    • M6-999: Chamber music
    • M1000-1075: Orchestra
    • M1350-1366: Other ensembles (Jazz M1366)
  • M1495-2199: VOCAL MUSIC
    • M1497-1998: Secular Vocal Music
    • M1552: Mixed voices with keyboard
    • M1611-1624.8: One Solo Voice
  • M1999-2199: SACRED VOCAL MUSIC
    • M2018-2019.5: Two or more solo voices
    • M2072: Mixed voices with keyboard
    • M2115-2146: Hymnals. Hymn collections
  • PN4305: Recitations (in English)

Membership Policy

Membership is open to recognized community music ensembles (choral, jazz, wind, orchestral, and band) as well as music ensembles and music teachers affiliated with educational institutions (public and separate school boards and post-secondary educational institutions) in the Calgary region upon registering with the service and with payment of $20 for a SAMPL library card - a one-time payment if card is not lost.

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