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Education - Gaming and Simulations

Game Design

"A  game is an artificially constructed, competitive activity with a specific goal, a set of rules and constraints that is located in a specific context." from  Playing Games in School

Instructional Games -  is specifically designed or modified to meet instructional objectives. An instructional game meets these objectives by including rules, constraints, and activities that closely replicate the constraints of the real-world knowledge and skills that are being taught.  An instructional game must be incorporated into an instructional program in a manner that ensures that learners understand the instructional objectives of the game and receive detailed feedback about their performance and how their game performance supported the instructional objectives of the course.  In most cases, an instructional game should be considered an instructional aid or tool rather than a method of stand-alone mode (e.g., distance or distributed instruction).  In these cases, the game must be designed to include all of the instructional capabilities that are otherwise provided by the teacher because the game itself is standing in as the instructor. 

Types of Games

A specific game often is a combination of several different game types.

Simulation-Based Games 

Individual or Group Games

Games of Skill or Games of Chance

Computer-Based or Tailored Games

Hybrid Games

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