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Haskayne Business Research Resource Checklist

Planning Phase

Funding Opportunities

Information on potential funding opportunities can be found in a variety of places:

  • The Funding Deadline Calendar published by the Research Services Office;
  • Weekly “Research News and Funding Opportunities” newsletters sent out by the Office of the Associate Dean (Research);
  • Information on funding opportunities in the HSB Research Info Centre on D2L;
  • COS Pivot, a searchable funding database.

Literature Review

A good literature review will strengthen your grant application.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

A DMP describes how you will organize, store, and share the research materials (data) that you generate, is recommended by the University, and may be required by your funding agency.  

Open Access Planning

Depending on the funder, you may be required to make your research results open access.  If so, be sure to investigate ahead of time so that open access fees (if any) are included in your grant proposal.

Peer Grant Review

Internal peer review of your grant application is highly recommended to improve the quality of the grant and increase your change of success in the funding competition.

  • Arrange for at least two expert readers (who can advise both on the science and the grantsmanship) to review your grant.
  • Plan your grant-writing carefully to allow minimum 2 weeks for internal peer review, as well as time for further editing of the grant once the reviews are received.
  • The Office of the Associate Dean (Research) can help set up and coordinate internal peer review for you.

Research Services Grant Review

Applications for grants external to the University of Calgary are also reviewed by the Research Services Office (RSO).  

  • A Research Funding Application Approvals form must be completed before submission to all external funders. Applicants are responsible for seeking faculty approval in a timely manner.
  • Unless an earlier internal deadline is advertised, the Grants and Awards Division of RSO has a hard internal deadline of noon, two business days in advance of the funding agency deadline.  The RSO offers two optional deadlines for external grants, unless otherwise specified:
    • Two weeks prior to external deadline: detailed administrative review. This includes a detailed review of the application, checking for eligibility and UCalgary commitments and risk, compliance with program guidelines, completeness of application, and the opportunity for feedback to improve the application.
    • Two business days before external deadline (hard deadline): basic administrative review. This involves a minimal check of the application for eligibility and any UCalgary commitment or risk.

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