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Haskayne Business Research Resource Checklist

Project Phase

Account Initiation

To make use of funds research accounting requires several pieces of information before initiating an account:

  • Fill out the project request form.  This form requires additional documentation including:
    • A detailed budget;
    • Terms of reference;
    • Ethics approval.


All research, funded or unfunded, involving humans, animals, or biohazards must be reviewed by and receive approval from the appropriate ethics committee before research can begin.  Access to funds (if applicable) only occurs after all of the required certificates and approvals are in place.


Metadata is the information that documents and describes your data.  Creating proper metadata will make it easier for you to use, re-use, and verify your findings, assist your collaborators, and, if you choose to do so, make it easier to share your datasets with others.

Computing Infrastructure

  • The hardware and software computing resources that you may need to collect, store, backup, and analyze your data.  It may be useful to contact IT's Research Computing group for specific needs in terms of storage, servers, or advanced requirements.

Data Analysis & Support

There are a variety of services on campus that can assist you in analyzing your data.

Reporting & Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with:
  • Submit completed reporting.

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