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Haskayne Business Research Resource Checklist

Wrap Up

Promotion & Outreach

Get your research seen by more people by engaging in knowledge translation and promoting your scholarly work.

Long-term Preservation

What happens to your papers and data after the project is finished.  Do you need to keep your data for some set term after the project is finished?  The library can help you preserve a diverse range of research materials.

Also if timelines for data retention and closure specified by your ethics certification or funding application fall after the project close, be sure to continue to track and comply with these deadlines.

Data Sharing

There are a variety of data repositories available including the University of Calgary's Dataverse repository that will make your data discoverable by other researchers and non-academics.

Impact Metrics

There are a variety of measures (including impact metrics and altmetrics) that can help to determine the reach of your research. 

Grant Closeout

At project end Research Accounting will close out the project and generate a formal financial report for the funding agency.

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