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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Information about finding existing OER, or building your own.

Feedback loops

Providing students with models and frameworks for providing feedback can be helpful.

RISE Model
The RISE model provides a structured method of giving feedback that directly connects to Bloom's Taxonomy.

There are four possible stages to the feedback:

  1. REFLECT - Acknowledge & Articulate
    • e.g. I really appreciated this specific aspect of your chapter because ….
  2. INQUIRE - Insight Through Analysis

    • e.g. When you said X, am I understanding that you meant XY?

    • e.g. Could you tell me more about…..

  3. SUGGEST - Ideas for Improvement

    • e.g. Have you considered…..You might want to include…..

  4. ELEVATE - Meaning Making

    • e.g. Perhaps you can expand on this...What are some of the key challenges you faced and how did you address them?

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Questions to ask for peer review

A series of questions to help guide the provision of feedback. Covers intent, content, depth, organization, word choice, punctuation, etc. Link to pdf.

Formula for Giving Good Feedback

  1. The Micro Yes: start by asking a short but important question.

  2. Data Point: Name specifically what you saw or heard. Don't use blur words.

  3. Show Impact: Name how the data point impacted you positively or negatively.

  4. End on a Question: Wrap your feedback in a question, this allows for a dialogue and turns the feedback into a joint problem solving collaboration.

Receiving feedback

Being able to be brave enough to reach out for feedback is for many incredibly challenging. But Sheila Heen believes there is power in being able to effectively receive feedback. Below are two videos that highlight the importance of being able to pull feedback in and effectively process it in order to improve.

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