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Religious Studies Web Guide


Purpose:  To collect links to free religious studies resources supporting  academic research: open-access sacred texts, open-access collections of scholarly secondary works, open-access journals,  open-access reference tools (dictionaries, bibliographies, indexes etc.) 

Audience: Professors,  post-secondary religious studies students, independent scholars

Structure: To facilitate browsing through the wealth of resources by either  format of resource or  by religion as a means for users to identify potentially useful books, articles, theses and other scholarly material


  • Works written from a confessional perspective.  Our focus is not clergy or practitioners studying to be better informed about their religion.
  • Popular magazines, newsletters, newspapers.
  • Resources easily located via simple web searches (e.g. book reviews) or readily found through other tools on the web
  •  Individual secondary works available e-text; we do link to collections of such texts
  • Items containing limited information on religions. All items linked to will have a strong focus on religious studies





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