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LAW Bankruptcy Law

This guide is intended to help researchers locate cases, legislation, commentary and databases on Bankruptcy Law.

Related Alberta Legislation

Bankruptcy is a federal issue but some provincial acts may be related and relevant to your research such as:

UK Legislation


Legislation in Print

The above can also be found in print. Legislative materials on paper are located on the 1st floor of the law library, shelved in Ranges 93-123. Federal materials including bills, statutes, regulations, journals, committee reports and debates are available in print. This includes historic and current material. For more information on finding legislation please see our Canadian Legislation guide.

Finding Additional Statutes and Regulations

Many statutes are available electronically. Although content often mirrors content available in various databases, no source is totally comprehensive. When "noting up" check multiple resources for best results.

Print Sources

  • Table of Public Statutes
  • Update by tracking progress of Bills since date of Table of Public Statutes (see below)
  • Loose-leaf services often include current consolidated statutes and regulations. Locate loose-leaf service by searching by subject
  • Statutes for the current year are published in the Canada Gazette Part III
  • Backset statutes are on the first floor (KE 88)
  • Indexes
    • Canada Legislative Index (KE31 .C36 Ref)
    • Canada Statute Citator (green pages) (KF106 .C36 Ref)
    • Canadian Current Law: Legislation (KE173 .C436 Ref)
  • Bills
    • Current Bills are in Reserve (KE65 Senate; KE68 Commons)
    • Backset Bills are on the 1st floor (same call numbers)

Electronic Sources

Print Page