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Education - Teacher Well-Being

Practical and scholarly resources on teacher well-being.

Models of Well-Being and Practical Strategies and Supports

The PERMA model, which lists five core elements of psychological flourishing, was developed by Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. Many of the practical strategies for educator well-being are grounded in or derived from Seligman’s model. Moreover, PERMA is often a starting point for other models; for example, the PROSPER model featured in this guide is an amendment to Seligman’s highly influential model of well-being and happiness.

On this page, you will find:

1. Brief introductions to the PERMA and the PROSPER models

2. Practical tips for teachers

3. Books on practical strategies for teachers (available at the University of Calgary)

The "PERMA" Model

PERMA is a model of well-being that captures five elements needed for flourishing. The model is just as applicable to students as it is to educators (which include both teaching and administrative staff). PERMA stands for:

Positive Emotions: experiencing joy, excitement, gratitude, etc.

Engagement: being challenged and having the opportunity to utilize one's unique skillsets

Relationships: building and maintaining healthy and lasting work relationships

Meaning: a sense of belonging to an organization serving greater, non-individualistic goals

Accomplishment: developing a sense of professional mastery and experiencing professional success



Here are several resources that discuss the PERMA model in the context of teacher well-being:

Adapting the PERMA model to Teaching (blog post) 

Flourish by design (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Wellness Program (The University of Queensland, Australia)

The "PROSPER" Model

The PROSPER model borrows from the PERMA model, but adds two individualized aspects to the framework: 

Strengths: includes such things as self-knowledge, self-respect, knowledge of one's own character strengths, etc.

Resilience: includes such things as coping skills, self-management skills, bravery, etc.



PROSPER: A roadmap for positive schools



Practical Tips for Teacher Well-Being

Books on Practical Strategies for Teacher Well-Being Available at the University of Calgary

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