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Library Resources for Graduate Students

This guide presents library resources, services, and programs that may be of interest to graduate students

Finding information

Information comes in a variety of formats, ranging from the typical text-based forms such as books and articles, to audiovisual (sound, images, videos), numeric (statistics and financial data), spatial (maps and GIS) and more. The library collection contains all of these kinds of data and more. Different formats may be found in different databases, sources, and physical locations. Browse our collections yourself, or contact your subject librarian to book a consultation for your learning, teaching or research needs.

You might begin your search for information in one of three places; the library search box, one of our research guides, or a database.

Library search box

Research guides


The library search box searches across a variety of sources including our physical, digitized, & electronic collections. This might be a good starting point for your research. The library has Research Guides (just like this one) for all disciplines. These are a great starting point for identifying what the best resources in your subject area are. The library provides access to over 1000 databases. Find the ones relevant to your subject area by using the drop down menu on the top left of the Databases page and selecting your subject.

Other types of information

Spatial and Numeric Data

Newspapers & News media

Check out one of the guides (below) on finding different kinds of spatial and numeric data. Or, connect with our data experts from Spatial and Numeric Data Services

Do you need to search news sources or carry out a media analysis as part of your course or research?  Or maybe you just want to read a Calgary Herald article from 2 days ago. The research guide on newspapers and news media contains the top sources and databases for newspaper coverage in Canada, US and across the globe.

It also links to an entire guide on Fake News

Theses & Dissertations


Did you know that there is a digital archive containing University of Calgary master’s and doctoral theses? Are you looking for a previously published dissertation from your department? Search for these on the graduate studies page on PRISM, our institutional repository.

Looking for a thesis or dissertation from another institution? ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global is a database containing dissertations & theses from around the world. It offers full text for works added since 1997, and selected full text for works written prior to 1997.

Looking for film or video resources? Check out our Video research guide which lists databases as well as open access (free) sources for videos. Alternatively, click the database link below to see the databases which contain film or video information. This can be filtered further by using the subject drop down option on the top left.


Images can be found from a variety of sources. Databases may contain images related to the subject areas being covered. The library also has a whole collection of images including digitized photographs from various collections. Images can also be found in the public domain.


If you use images that were found freely online, make sure you are not violating copyright. You should ask permission from the source/creator, or use images that are licensed with a Creative Commons designation.

Images database

Colourbox (education license), offers over 4 million images and videos that can be used for any non-commercial purpose. You must set up an account to download images.

Creative Commons / Public Domain Images

Tutorials on using the UCalgary Library interface and accessing a variety of materials

Looking for a quick overview on how to use the UCalgary Library interface to find books, articles, databases, research guides, or carry out an advanced search. Check out our interactive tutorials that you learn from and practice with so you can become an efficient searcher.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

The image below opens the tutorial in a new window.

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