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Priority for our collections, spaces and services is reserved for University of Calgary students, staff and faculty. Community and Alumni must book a computer or workspace before their visit

Library Resources for Graduate Students

This guide presents library resources, services, and programs that may be of interest to graduate students

Getting started

Welcome to the University of Calgary.  As international students who are getting accustomed to a new academic environment you may find navigating the library to be daunting.  This page will help you locate the information you need to get started.


We have created some quick guides that you can download and print or save. We thank the staff members who volunteered their time and skills to translate the documents.  These are translated on a volunteer basis, so we will not be able to provide copies in all languages.


Support at the University of Calgary

There are quite a few places you can go for further assistance at the University of Calgary.  You are not alone and everyone is happy to help you find the supports you need for personal and academic success. 

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