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5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport

Resources to support systematic reviews for the Consensus Conference

Endnote Resources

The EndNote Library for your systematic review can be exported to Excel. Before exporting, however, there are some required steps that need to be done to be sure that the Lilbrary exports properly.  The following resources provide guidance on how to set up an Excel template.


Be sure that when you are creating your Excel template, you choose the same fields in the same order for each type of reference (journal article, book, book section, etc).  To screen for inclusion and exclusion via Excel, it is imperative that the fields match up in Excel.  It is suggested that the template include: Author, Year, Title, Abstract, Record Number, Database for each type of reference.  Addtional fields (pages, volume, etc) can be added after the Database field.

Other Management Resources

Critical Appraisal

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