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Biological Sciences

Session Goals

 At the end of today's session you will be able to:

Refine Your Search

  • Identify keywords, synonyms and search terms related to your topic.
  • Incorporate Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT) that specify the logical relationship of your search terms.
  • Use truncation or wildcard symbols (*, ? and $) with your terms to find plurals and variant spellings.
  • Consider appropriate database limiters (publication date or types and animal or human subjects), subject headings and field indexes (author, title, abstract, etc.)

Possible topics include: cloning, PCR, nucleic acids, sequencing, recombinant DNA technology, recombinant protein expression​

Key Databases & Search Engines

  • Scopus | Tutorial
    Scopus is a comprehensive interdisciplinary database that includes over 18,000 journals. 

  • Web of Science - Covers 8500 research publications from 1900 to present.
  • BIOSIS Previews -  Leading source of life science information from 1980 to present.
  • PubMed - Includes 16 million journal references in the health and life sciences from the 1950's. (The free version of MEDLINE)
  • Google Scholar - Google Scholar provides a simple way to search scholarly and peer-reviewed literature.

Citing & Writing

For this class you will format your citations and references list in the style that is used by the journal, Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Here are instructions on how to use this style guide.

Link to "Journal of Biological Chemistry" - sample articles


Mendeley is a free software package that helps you:

  • Organize your research documents
  • Automatically generate bibliographies
  • Import papers from other search engines and research software such as EndNote and Refworks
  • Is compatible with Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Unix
  • Collaborate with others and share documents in closed or public groups
  • Access your papers from anywhere online with your iPhone, iPad or iPod


Download Mendeley Desktop

How do I create a Mendeley Account?
A Mendeley account enables you to import articles into your account and access your collections from multiple computers

Mendeley Web Importer

Mendeley Guides

Contact the Biology Librarian

Please contact Heather Ganshorn with any questions, suggestions or comments.
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