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Downloading Full-PDFs


You can search the full text of all 13 million plus volumes.  3 million plus volumes are available for fulltext view and download.  If you want an item that is not available in fulltext, a  copy may be available in the University of Calgary's print or digital holdings or you can request a copy from interlibrary loan.  To limit your search to full-text only you need to select "Full view only".   NOTE: you need to be logged in to download the PDF.



Downloading a Page

To download single pages of works where the PDF is available,  go to the "full view" and click in the upper corner of the pages you want download or simply use the "Download this page" option on the left side of the screen if you want to download a page at a time.  

WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD A SINGLE PAGE THERE IS NO ACCOMPANYING CITATION INFORMATION -  remember to note the author/title, publisher, place of publication etc as appropriate.

Copying Text

As PDFs are not text enabled images, you need to use the screen view of the text to navigate to needed page and then copy and paste the text.

Print Page