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ASHA (Arts and Science Honours Academy)

ASHA Program


The Arts and Science Honours Academy  creates a unique opportunity for a
select group of undergraduates. ASHA combines the traditional benefits
of a regular degree program with an innovative multidisciplinary core
program where groups of twenty-five like-minded high-achieving students
learn and study together in six distinct Scholars Program-only courses.
The ASHA courses qualify as your electives for your degree program in
both the Faculties of Arts and Science


Course Information

ASHA 220         Quest and Questions  

ASHA 321         Representation

ASHA  421      Invention 

ASHA  501     The Nature of Research  (1HCE)

ASHA  503     Capstone Seminar - (1HCE)  

ASHA 220

   Soul of the City Presentation - March 21, 2013



Photographs from the Presentation of The Report of the Philosopher Kings at the Calgary City Hall on April 15, 2013




ASHA 220 Research Instruction

How to submit papers

Email your papers to Patrick Finn for inclusion on this site.

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