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Career Services: Career & Job Search Resources

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Get Focused

Once you have assessed yourself and explored options, it is time to get focused. Evaluate choices that fit you best, make preliminary decisions and start action planning to set and achieve your goals! This section will help you (1) make preliminary decisions (2) set goals and (3) start action planning!


"Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true". ~ Geoffrey Fisher

Stages of Career Planning

Knowing how to make good career decisions will help you to achieve a satisfying and productive career. It starts with a clear understanding of what you are all about.

Who am I?
What are my interests?
What kind of skills do I have?
What are my work-related values?
What are my traits and attributes?
What are my ambitions?

Making Decisions

Knowing how to make good career decisions will help you to achieve a satisfying and productive career. Once you are aware of your various options, it is important to evaluate which fit you best. The following resources and worksheets can get you started. Here are two decision making models to get you started.

Setting Goals

Can setting, elaborating and reflecting on goals enhance your academic and career success? You bet! Writing your goals down on paper helps you clarify your priorities, provides direction, increases motivation and helps you celebrate your achievements! Follow the formula below to achieve career success. Where do I want to be? A motivating goal needs to be challenging enough to stimulate you, but not too difficult that it is discouraging. It should be just outside your comfort zone to stretch you. Be precise about what you want to achieve and list the benefits you would gain by achieving your goal.

Action Planning

Whereas a goal is where you want to be, a plan is the strategy to get you there. Planning turns goals into tangible "bite-sized" action steps. It organizes your dreams to move you forward with confidence and take charge of your career plan! The following handout will take you through the steps to achieve your goals. Action Planning is a process which will help you to focus your ideas and to decide what steps you need to take to achieve particular goals that you may have.



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