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Know Yourself

Self-awareness is the foundation for effective career planning. This section will guide you through a personal assessment of your values, interests, strengths, traits and ambitions. What does career success mean to you? At Career Services, we believe it means pursuing and finding a career that aligns with your values, interests, strengths, traits and ambitions. This is your VISTA and it will help you create a vision for your future. Follow this page and use the resources to start creating your vision!


"At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want." ~ Lao Tzu

Values - What's Important to Me?

Values are the core principles that guide your life. Understanding them is crucial in helping identify majors or careers you might find fulfilling. What do you want to get from your education, career and life? Reflect on your answers through the Values Worksheet.

Interests - What Am I Passionate About?

Interests are a key part of what defines us as humans. If you are interested in something, you are more likely to invest time, effort and energy into it. Think about the things that you enjoy in general. What do you love to do? Track your ideas on the Interests Worksheet.

Strengths - What Am I Good At?

You have many skills and talents. It is important to understand your unique skills to find a career that is a fit for those talents. This will result in increased career satisfaction and fulfillment. Use the Strengths Worksheet to get you thinking about your talents.

Consider completing a StrengthsQuest Formal Assessment with Career Services. This will identify your Top 5 strengths and explore how you can leverage them in your career development. Identifying and developing your strengths will give you a way to better discuss and develop your unique combination. When you identify your talents and develop them into strengths, you'll be more productive, perform better and be more engaged.

Traits - How Would I Describe My Personality?

We each have a unique way of relating to others and the world around us. Understanding your personality in terms of your behaviours, emotions, and ways of thinking, can help you find a rewarding career. Use the Traits Worksheet to help you assess your personality.

Ambitions - What Motivates Me?

Ambitions provide a focus for your goals and career. With a tangible picture of your future, you can create the motivation to navigate the steps and hurdles between where you are now and where you are going. Use the Ambitions Worksheet to get started.



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